Symbols Stoles

Sometimes I am asked to incorporate specific symbols that are of importance to the client.  These come in all shapes and sizes and may make up the whole design or be incorporated into it in some way.  If there is a particular symbol you are interested in or you would like to see more detail of any of these ones please email me.

Symbols-01   The Pelican feeding her young - a symbol of sacrifice


Symbols-02   Violets are used to symbolise the modesty of Mary


Symbols-03  The Eucharistis symbols with wheat and grapes


Symbols-04   The Heron and the Chi-Rho portrayed in Celtic style


Symbols-05   The gift of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost

Symbols-06   The Agnus Dei here is from St Cuthbert's maniple


Symbols-07   The Chi-Rho with Celtic ornamentation


Symbols-08   Violets (Our Lady's Modesty) and pinks (flower of God)


Symbols-09   Celtic Crosier and bell from the church of the client


Symbols-10   A variety of Christian symbols set in Celtic knotwork

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