Close-up Details

On this page I have tried to show a selction close-up details of different styles of design.  I have included some examples of work in progress so you can see the methods used.  For all except my earliest work (in the days before digital cameras) I can usually provide close-up images, so if there is anything you want to see in more detail and at high resolution, please email me.

Detail from a stole - design inspired by the churches of Ethiopia


Detail from a Latin chasuble - from the Book of Kells Evangelists page


Stole featuring an Agnus Dei and scroll work - work in progress


Detail of hand woven fringe being knotted to form a trellis pattern


Mitre in pale gold silk with gold mesh appliqué and gold stitching

Detail from a stole depicting the Annunciation


Detail from front orphrey of a cope - free-motion machine embroidery


Detail from an overlay stole showing spirals, key patterns & knotwork


Stole with St Cuthbert cross and spirals from the Lindesfarne Gospels


Detail showing the Virgin and Child from the Book of Kells, Buchanan tartan

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