Celtic Angels Stoles

This is just a small selection of stoles featuring my Celtic Angels designs.  As you can see there is considerable variation.  Other photographs are available - please email if you want to see other variations or higher resolution images.

Angel-01   Clergy tartan on plain ivory fabric, hand knotted fringe


Angel-02  Sky blue silk with St Cuthbert cross in gold leather


Angel-03  Clergy tartan on plain blue fabric with gold cross


Angel-04   Kennedy tartan on hand dyed silk noil, hand woven fringe


Angel-05   St Ninian's Day tartan on plain green fabric

Angel-06   Scotland Forever tartan on plain violet fabric


Angel-07  Red silk on plain red fabric with gold cross and extra stitching


Angel-08   Hunter tartan on plain ivory fabric with eagles in gold stitching


Angel-09   Lilac silk on plain purple fabric with gold St Cuthbert cross


Angel-10   Buchanan tartan on plain ivory fabric

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