I am a textile artist specialising in embroidery inspired by Celtic and Pictish art.  I work mostly with natural fibres such as silk and wool, and in particular with Scottish fabrics such as Harris Tweed and tartans.

All my ecclesiastical work is made only to commission and each piece is individually made.   I always try to find some way of making the piece particularly relevant for the person for whom it is intended, either in the choice of fabrics or in the design itself - and if possible, both - for example the stole pictured here was for a priest being ordained on the feast of the Annunciation.   Most of the embroidery is created with an embroidery machine using my own designs but I also use hand embroidery where appropriate and other techniques such as hand weaving, braiding, silk painting, felt making and hand-dyeing.

Pictured opposite is a gold cope made just before Christmas.  It is silk/cotton damask with embroidered velevet on silk for the orphreys and hood.  Below right is a selection of stoles with appliqué and lining in different tartans.  Left to right: Purple stole with St Ninian tartan, white stole with Macneil of Barra tartan, white stole with St Ninian tartan, red stole with Stewart of Appin tartan.

Some of my work can be seen by appointment at my studio in Inchmore - 6 miles from Inverness on the A862 Inverness to Beauly road.  Most of what I am able to show you are things I have made for my husband, so I would need to bring them out to the studio.  i.e. an appointment is essential if you want to see actual examples!  Everything else I have made has already gone to the client, unless you happen to be lucky enough to catch me with work in progress.

We are in the process of completely redesigning this site - it may take a while!  In the meantime, do please contact me if you wish to discuss a commission.  I am happy to email photographs of my work and sketches for possible designs. While waiting for my husband to redesign the website, I have started putting photographs of my work onto a pulic web album. These pictures can be seen here - sorry - I can't make it link, please copy and paste into your address bar. https://picasaweb.google.com/113278059705131050933/CelticAndTartanStoles

My ecclesiastical work is just a small part of what I do - to see my other work please click here www.annamacneil.co.uk

Gold cope with red velvet orphreys

Selection of tartan stoles